jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2014


I'm sitting down and trying to focus and medite about something like this one, what really do I adore in this time of my life? mmm being honest to myself,  I wish with all my heart that could be The Lord Jesus Christ, but how could it be possible if I forget doing the things that He did when He was on earth? How is it possible if I don't remember Him every single moment of my life?

Then, what can I do to really Adore him? How my soul can be hungry? 

This is a special time, Christmas time, and this means that is all about Him. That's why I ask you Sandra to forget those things that distract you and refocus in what really matters, the really Christmas' gift.

No problem, this is in my mind!!! But what do I need to do to have it in my heart also?

Please I need your help...

jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2014


I have to prepare some of my sons's homework for tomorrow but instead of it, I'm here writing and having some fun like all of you girls of FMF... I really enjoy this quiet time for myself . It's a time when I sit down and try to focus in the prompt  and let the words flow inside my head and heart and then my hands do their work.

 I'm not a good writer and my English is not as good as I want either but I hope I can transmit my words to you FMFParty. 

I just want to say tonight: Let's prepare ourself for this Season so we can feel the Savior's love in our homes and hearts. He is the only One who could helps us in everything. 

jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2014


Dear and lovely sons:

I am grateful for this day, for the opportunity to have fun with both of you. Because we spent time toghether having a lot of fun. We sang toghether, we laughted, we played, we took pictures and we talked about many things. This is one of those days I want to remember all my life. 

Why is this day special for me? Because I get out of my routine and we did unexpected things... Most of all, I didn't yell to you. Was wonderful to enjoy my evening with you, my dear ones. 

Thank you dear Heavenly Father for this great blessing you shared with me today. 

Please dear Heavenly Father, let me have more days like this one, help me to enjoy my life and let me be a good example and a good mother to my kids.