jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2014


I'm grateful for all blessings God gives me... And for all that He do for me.

In this day, a very special day for all of you (Americans) in which you celebrate Thanksgiving Day, I want to celebrate ether (here in Mexico is not a tradition to celebrate it) nevertheless  I want to celebrate it even if I don't cook a great meal but what really matters is to be together as a family and and give thank you to my God for all  our blessings.

Before I started to write, I was reading a post which talked about blessings and I discovered many small blessings  I sometimes  didn't  recognize as blessings. That's why I have to be thankful for. 

This are my small blessings I'm greatful for:

• Could hear my oldest son telling a story to my youngest son before they went to sleep.
• Having my youngest son in my lap waiting he  fell sleep
• Feeling my son heart's intentions before he went on a trip
• A sincerely hug

This great blessings give me so much happiness today.

jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2014


I'm grateful for opening my eyes and specially my heart, because I could notice that I have to change my mind and my life. What am I talking about? It's all about to be a joyful person, a joyful mom and a joyful wife. Life is for having joy, isn't it? But, how can I be a joyful one? I'm trying to listen to my heart to know what I have to do to be happy, why? Because I know that you  could speak to my heart, and you always says the truth, you're the source of happiness, the way to reach it and the only one who can help me to be a happy person. Please don't forget me...