viernes, 27 de febrero de 2015


Last Friday morning I was visited by two women, and they brought me a great message, it was about Jesus Christ. Oh! It was an inexpected one, but they made my day.

We talked about that wonderful man, brother, son and a closed friend if only we open our hearts, ears and eyes. 

He can visit us every single day and He is at our side in every moment

I'm so grateful for His great example, for being here for me at every moment, for letting me rest upon Him.

I have to admit that right now, I'm not so closed to Him, but I'm on my way!!! I'm also stretching my relationship with my Father in Heaven; every day, I bow my head in pray towards Him and this has helped me to be near to they and can be nourish   by them. It is a wonderful feeling I can't describe.

viernes, 20 de febrero de 2015


My heart and my eyes are opened to see all the beauty around me. Thank you dear Havenly Father for this great opportunity, thank thee because you open them every single day of my life. 

Recently you helped me to recognize how blessed I am, how wonderful is my life with all that you have given me (it is not supposed that I can have everything),  and most of all, I have learned that you have given me enough, and that's sufficient to be happy. 

Please, Heavenly Father, help me open  my heart everyday so it can be filled with thy love and can share this love with myself and my fellow beings. Please, let me open my eyes so I can savor every single moment I am with my dear ones and with all your sons and daughters.

viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015


During all this week I have been learning about the things I need to let go of my life. 

And today, not for casuallity, when it was reading time for me, I found these words: "faith gives us vision of what may happen, hope for the future and optimism in our present tasks".

Then I think to my self, Sandra this is what you need!!!

And suddenly, when I was ponder about it, another thought brought to my mind: "Pray as if everything depends on Him, work hard as if everything depends on you"

Wow, what a beautiful morning I had today!!! 

There is not doubt, that I can talk with God, and He answers me...

I'm so grateful for this lovely experience, but most of all, that I'm not alone in this world.

jueves, 5 de febrero de 2015


In the afternoon I was writing a letter to my oldest son, I was describing him about the plans we did for his party. And while I was typing the words on my computer about that moment, I felt like I was living it again. 

For me, it's hard to remember everything. That's why I decided to challenge my self to write monthly letters to my kids. This is one my ways to keep my memories. 

What marvelous is to keep memories, isn't it? 

I love taking pictures every time I have the opportunity, and this is my other way for keeping memories.

I'm not a good photographer but I'm learning and I hope one day I can take really good pictures.

Also, there is an other way I used to practice to keep memories, I'm talking about my gratitude journal. It helps me to keep me alive all day long, because I walk with open eyes all day long, and I'm trying to feel every moment my life has. This, give me the opportunity to at the end of my day, can bow my head in pray and give thanks to God for all those, big and small, blessings I received from Him, through all  the day.