jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014


What can I need to care about? Sotimes I stress myself about how I look like, how I talk, if the other persons though I'm a good mother... But I lerned that what I have to care about is what God thinks of me and if I am choosing the right. I don't have to care about what other persons think about me because I'm enough. 

By the other side, I have two little spirits to take care of. I need to be a good example  for them and nurish them while they are young. That's my responsibility before  God. Sometimes I feel like I have not the skills to teach them and raise them but I know that the Lord is at my side and He could help me in this great work.

viernes, 3 de octubre de 2014


Today is a New day!!! It's a new opportunity to live, enjoy, laugh, breath and specialy to try to be better than yesterday. 

I started this new day with a big surprise, I went downstairs in the morning and saw my oldest son, what was he doing? He was siting down in a chair and paintng at his new easel but also he was enjoying his new markers (were his yesterday's prize). I saw him very concentrated and fascinated. What a great moment and a good memory to me.