viernes, 30 de enero de 2015


I have waiting so much for many many things. Is it OK? It's not ok, I think. 

Sometimes I prefer to wait for the correct moment to say or do something... But suddenly something not desired happens and then the  result is not what I wanted.

Before, I used to notice all I don't have and I dreamed about how my life was if I could have them. But NOW, I'm taking another way, I'm talking about gratitude practice.. If only I focus my attention  in my everyday blessings and more specially, if I could notice what I have, I could realize that I'm very rich, because  God always has given me what I need. Every single day of my life I have been blessed so much.

I don't have to wait any more for things I would like to have... Blessing will come and the only who know when, how and if it's possible is God.

Thank Thee Heavenly Fathe for my life, my family, my siblings, my friends, my health... Please, help me to enjoy my life as it is. 

jueves, 22 de enero de 2015


When I was a little bit younger, I chose a man to share my dreams with. Now that I'm marriage, I could say that I chose again, a man to share my dreams with, a man to be with him for the rest of my life and for all eternity, a man who I can walk by his  side and to try toghether to accomplish our dreams.

And today I want to share with all of you my dreams.

Some day  I dreamed to get marriaged to a man who trusts in The Lord; to have a family, sons and daughters; to be a good mom, that one that can be present for her childrens in every moment, that one that could teach her children about The Lord and the gospel, that one that don't yell to his children... I dreamed to love my husband every single day of my life and continue increase my love for him...

These are not only dreams, some are accomplished, but some aren't yet...

Please Lord, give me strength to accomplish them but only if is your will... Help me to don't forget them and never give up.. 

viernes, 16 de enero de 2015


This is a letter I don't going to send because is one for myself... Go

Dear Sandra

I have some words to write you and you need to read them. But first, let me telI you that I never have done something like this and I hope this could be really good for both of us.

You are a daughter of Havently Father, and you have the potential of do what ever you want (good things) just trust in Him, ask for help and do your best...

Please don't forget the most important in  this world, which is God, remember that He is near to you, waiting for you to nock the door and He will open it...  Don't forget to pray every day of your life and always be greatful for those blessings that you receive.

You are a mother of two handsome kids and you need to be a good example for them. Remember that there is no perfect mother, but be kind, loving, peaceful and try to do the best you can. Don't forget to teach them about God, they should believe in Him for they well-being.

Also, be a good companion for your husband, remember that you decided to marry him for this life and for eternity... Do your best and love him every day of your life, give him hugs and kisses as much as you can.

This is for you, a letter never send but surely, it will be read

With love


viernes, 9 de enero de 2015


I have two handsome sons that are welcomed to my life... They are everything to me... They give me happy and sad moments that I keep deepth in my heart. Some days ago, and for some reason they went to bed toghether and without me, and time later I went uptairs to saw them, because I didn't hear noise there, and for my surprise they fell slept toghether in the same bed, the oldest holding his youngest brother in his arms... I have to confess, that it makes me cry, saw them, but more specially  because they love each other... This is my moment and is welcome to come back again and again to fill my heart with joy.